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Get Integrated Fast
Fully Managed Integration
Scalable to massive amounts of data transactions
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Have a product deadline? Sunsetting your old ERP systems? Use our accelarated implementation to avoid losing a single transaction.



Have a project deadline? Sunsetting your old ERP systems? Use our accelerated implementation to avoid losing a single transaction. Fully integrated on day 1.

Get Integrated Fast

An expert team member will guide you through mapping your data and configuring our system to integrate with all of your various applications

Fully Managed Integration

Starting on day one of your integration you will get a fully scalable, serverless platform that will adjust to enterprise daily transaction volume.

Scalable to Massive Amounts of Data

The New Realization About ERP Systems

Esonus’ founder, Vince codes with one consuming imperative; your data needs to move quickly while preserving and enhancing it’s value. When companies needed a solution to their data integration needs, they called Esonus. We listened, asked questions and then proposed and designed a solution for their unique challenges.

After many integrations for a variety of businesses, it became obvious to Esonus there were fundamentals in common for each client -and the Autonomous Integration Platform "AIP" idea was born. A platform for NetSuite integration that would allow new features to be added quickly, mappings to be streamlined for each unique business need, and a design that would remove bottlenecks typical of integrations with a high volume of transactions. The platform needed to maintain the integrity and accuracy of data. A managed system that would scale with the business.

Engineering your NetSuite experience is what we exist to do. The ability to extend NetSuite is a powerful option that can be easily misused and can quickly get away from a less disciplined team. Esonus develops your flows using a verifiable process with well governed releases.

The New Realization for ERP ... big data has made its way into your ERP and can now be customized in a number of complex ways. This has moved your needs to a place where solid engineering is required to manage and scale a growing business.

We are pleased to join you at the table when designing and planning your ERP. Esonus has a wide range of skills and experience to help you from right-sizing your instance to executing your integrations. As a team of experienced, full stack software developers, we approach each problem with an engineering mindset.

We bring industry best practices including: version control, modular design, clear naming and unit testing. We cannot wait to discuss your integration needs.


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MAGENTO 1.0 & 2.0







Our Customers Say it Best

With a near impossible deadline to connect NetSuite to Magento, Esonus configured their Magento 1.0/2.0 bundle and had  Erno Lazlo running before the deadline.

Unplanned and explosive growth was expertly managed by Esonus scalable integration platform-with 99.99% fidelity.

With several eCommerce sources for data this custom integration had to carefully import sales orders and dynamically assign them to the correct B2B customer.

Sunsetting their enterprise ERP introduced significant risk across all departments. Esonus expertly interpreted the transition requirements and custom built a complex integration that launched on time and with zero defects.

Frequently Ask Questions


I'm a large, growing company, can AIP scale with my growth?


Yes, we built our integration platform around big data. This was the first design effort our team undertook. It took a year and an entire department of top engineers working alongside NetSuite and valued customers to make this work. Today we are pleased to handle any volume of data your NetSuite instance is capable of.


I'm a small start-up, can AIP help me scale?


We have integrations for any size company. It is clear to us that if you are starting integration then your company is just one step away from steep growth.


We have kits we deliver to our customers. How does AIP handle kits?


It is important to us preserve and enhance each transaction to give your finance and operations team mastery of decision making. We can group line items, add subtotals and discounts encased in sophisticated logic.


We need inventory management help. How does using AIP help with my inventory?


We have tuned-in inventory management. This goes all the way to bin management, automatic inventory transfers, short and split shipments. We can process warehouses by line item and provide you with clear and timely back-log reports.


Our financial team meets every month. Does AIP help me close my books on a monthly basis?


We work daily with finance teams. Our goal is to make NetSuite the only tool your accounts need to manage all of the finances. Each period is carefully controlled by the integration so your data is in the right place and for the right time.


Esonus understands that your ability to move data needs to be reliable and fast-at the speed of your business. 

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